Directors & Officers

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

What is Directors and Officers Insurance?

Directors and officers insurance (D&O insurance) is designed to protect the directors and officers of a private and/or public company for alleged wrongful acts including claims of mismanagement, for example breach of fiduciary duties, of the company. These legal actions or investigations of wrongdoings are typically brought by shareholders, employees, regulators, creditors, competitors, liquidators and others. D&O Insurance can also be extended to cover the entity for security, employment practices liability and statutory liability to protect the balance sheet of the company.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is offered in two sections. A standard policy provides coverage for Directors and Officers covering their legal liability for wrongful acts committed whilst acting in their capacity as a Director or Officer.

It also offers Company Reimbursement that offers the reimbursement of payments that the company is legally obliged to make in indemnifying company officers for claims made against them.

Standard Cover Provided

  • Judgements
  • Settlements
  • Investigative Costs
  • Defence Cots
  • Costs to Appear at Inquires or Investigations